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Pass The Energy, Please! (sharing Nature With Children Book)

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Pass The Energy

Dawn Pubns

Model: FBA-|288667
ISBN: 1584690011
Author: Barbara Shaw McKinney

Rhyming text and illustrations present nature's food chains, from a simple seed to a top predator, demonstrating their natural links.
Children love Pass The Energy, Please! (sharing Nature With Children Book) by Barbara Shaw McKinney. The author is Barbara Shaw McKinney and it was published on the 1st of March, 2000 by Dawn Pubns. The book is related to Food chains along with Ecology and it is thought of as outstanding juvenile literature. This is the 1st ed. of the child's book has 32 pages and it offers several colorfully illustrated pages. Obtain a copy of this book, visit our partners via the link below.

Here is a favorite of elementary science teachers for the food chain. A 48-page Teacher's Guide based on the book is also available (sold separately ). The special talent inside the author shines once more (see also A Drop Around the World) for becoming able to present the science curriculum so concisely, creatively, and cleverly. All beings on Earth--from the anchovy towards the zooplankton--depend upon the green plant, which could be the hero in the story. Each with the creatures passes the power in its personal unique way. In this upbeat rhyming story, the food chain connects herbivores, carnivores, insects and plants together in a fascinating circle of players.


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