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Investigating Sound (searchlight Books: How Does Energy Work? )

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Investigating Sound

Lerner Classroom

ISBN: 0761378766
Author: Sally M. Walker

You might want to pick up a copy of Investigating Sound the best book. The author is Sally M. Walker and it was published sometime in 2011 by Lerner Classroom. The book has 40 pages. Let yourself become engrossed in the child's book. When you read, visualize the particular dilemma inside of your head. You may get as innovative as you choose with the experience in your thoughts. This will certainly place you amongst the enjoyment as well as exhilaration of the book. To get the best price for a copy on this book along with other products, visit our partners via the add to cart button below.

People, animals, machines, and wind all make sounds. Now you can! Or produced a sound wave bounce? But have you ever seen how sound waves move? As element in the Searchlight Books (tm) collection, this series sheds light on a key science question--How Does Energy Work? Explore sound with the fun experiments you'll find in this book. Hands-on experiments, interesting photos, and useful diagrams will help you find the answer!


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