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Ideas That Changed The World

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Ideas That Changed The World

DK Publishing

MPN: FBA-|300968
ISBN: 0756665310
Author: DK Publishing

An in-depth reference guide to technological developments that changed the world describes each invention and explores its place in history and how it influenced civilization, discussing inventions from the wheel to computers.
Your child will love this fantastic book. Written by DK Publishing and the publisher is DK Publishing. The child's book went on sale around August of 2010. The book is 256 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pages, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

Ideas that Changed the World combines the top quality and breadth of a modern design museum employing the high standards of a DK reference title. Some of the incredible inventions and ideas featured are: microscope (Charles Darwin s) , telescope (Isaac Newton's) , antibiotics, elevators, eyeglasses, the bicycle, automobile pilot, the blackboard (as used by Albert Einstein) , tin cans, umbrellas, buttons, TV, satellites, submarines, Captain Cook's travel cooking implements, the wheel, cement, a volcanologist's heat-proof uniform, the first Roman coin, bar codes, the first video game, the Walkman, the first Apple computer, surf boards, film animation, and much, much much a lot more! Every single topic is introduced by way of text and a close-up photograph. Captivating icons lead the reader further in to the story behind the object and then on to a collections spread featuring related inventions and developments that shaped the design before and afterward. Stunning photography and beautifully written stories work together to give the reader a exclusive experience. Readers will be struck with wonder by each item and sense the excitement that so many discoveries inspire. We don't just show you what's ground-breaking about a space suit, we clarify its spot in background and space exploration, and the other inventions it has influenced.


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