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Hands-on Science: Electricity And Magnets

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Handson Science Electricity And Magnets


ISBN: 0753467844
Author: Sarah Angliss / Maggie Hewson

You should get a copy of Hands-on Science: Electricity And Magnets an outstanding child's book by Sarah Angliss / Maggie Hewson. Written by Sarah Angliss / Maggie Hewson and it was published on the 16th of April, 2013 by Kingfisher. The children's book is 32 pages long. It's dimensions are 10.04"H x 7.64"L x 0.12"W. It weighs somewhere around 0.3 lbs.

These giant books of projects and experiments take a hands-on approach to science ideas. A huge selection of simple and easy experiments explore different scientific principles behind natural phenomena like friction, centrifugal force, together with all the underlying laws of physics that help make machines work. These fun but practical experiments make it easy for everyone to turn out to be a rocket scientist!

Help turn on light bulbs in young minds with this fun-filled exploration of electricity and magnetism. Topics like static electricity, currents, and magnetic domains have never been easier to tackle. Arranged inside a logical sequence to aid young learners grasp how phenomenona are related to a single particular one more. With simple, step-by-step experiments that produce dramatic results, callouts with clear explanations from the scientific concept governing each experiment, scientific study has never been easier.


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