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Energy: 25 Projects Investigate Why We Need Power And How We Get It (build It Yourself Series)

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Energy 25 Projects Investigate Why We

Nomad Press

ISBN: 1934670340
Author: Kathleen M. Reilly

The author is Kathleen M. Reilly and it was published around April of 2009 by Nomad Press. The book has 128 pages. The book is 8.07"H x 10.04"L x 0.51"W. It weighs something like 0.69 lbs. Even though reading is a thing which everyone of almost any age will enjoy, you will discover certainly lots of ways in which you may make the thrill significantly better. Some people proclaim they don't have enough time to read, nevertheless reading is yet another effective utilization of time, especially with the proper children's book. View these tips and you should really like reading a lot more.

Giving kids a hands-on opportunity to view energy in action, these 25 projects are an exciting introduction to the ways this hot topic affects both globe politics and everyday lives. The tough topics of energy shortages are covered with enthusiasm in a lively discussion so kids can make educated, positive modifications for their future. Packed with information about what energy really is, exactly where it comes from, and its alternative sources, the projects range from a steam-powered boat and a solar-powered water heater to an electric burglar alarm together with a geothermal geyser.


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