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Electrical Circuits: Harnessing Electricity (exploring Science (compass Point))

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Electrical Circuits Harnessing Electricity

Compass Point Books

ISBN: 0756532671
Author: David Dreier

Electrical Circuits: Harnessing Electricity is a must own book. Written by David Dreier and it was published sometime in September of 2007 by Compass Point Books. The library binding book talks about Electric circuits and it is perceived as high-quality juvenile literature. If you're within the library you can probably search for it with the Dewey Decimal number, TK148.D73 2008. The children's book has 48 pages and it is filled with magnificently colored illustrations.

Electricity is a necessity in todays modern society. But how does electrical energy function? Atoms contain negatively charged particles recognized as electrons. Generators and various sorts of energy plants produce the electrical energy required to operate our technological world. It permits us to check our email, watch a movie on the television set, or turn on a lamp at the flip of a switch. Electric energy from the electrons might be harnessed into currents that run through two kinds of circuits, series and parallel.


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