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Communications (how The Future Began)

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Author: Anthony Wilson
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It's essential to read a copy of Communications (how The Future Began) a nice children's book. Written by Anthony Wilson and the publisher is Kingfisher. The book was available on bookshelves sometime in 1999. The children's book has 64 pages. To buy a copy at the best price, visit our partners via the link on this page.

Examines not only the developments which have brought us such conveniences with all of the data age as e-mail, cell-phones, and palm-top computers, but in addition delivers valuable insight into a future brimming with amazing possibilities. Illustrated timelines incorporate significant technological milestones and anticipated advances. Full-color spreads packed with informative captions, appear at the past, present, and future of information systems inside many different fields, including computers, entertainment, education, space, and individual communications."Crystal Ball"boxes feature predictions and highlight breakthroughs. Communications is an ideal gift and a must-have resource for anyone who is curious about the Information Age. Related resources and websites. Comprehensive glossary and index. The complete spectrum of communications technology is covered, from Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to the invention of the printing press, and the origins of today's Internet."Blurred Vision"graphics show how folks in the past envisioned the future.


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